How It Works

Many people enjoy the pleasure of having an aesthetic backyard retreat, but they may not know where to start. This is where we come in! We offer consulting for DIY residential landscaping for the homeowner and aspiring gardener. We'll work with your existing yard to create unique and meaningful garden spaces and backyard havens. We give you the knowledge and the tools you need, and you get to enjoy the DIY fun! 


Schedule a meet and greet with Brenda.


Brenda will meet you at your house to walk through your yard/garden and discuss your backyard dreams.


Brenda will help pick out your perfect plants.


Brenda helps with placement and plant arrangements, even setting out the plants exactly where you need them.


You get to plant your new garden pieces!


Enjoy your beautiful new garden.


Schedule a follow-up with Brenda for any plant issues or future garden dreams.